Be part of something big.

Not just the acres and acres of Hoves most vibrant and energetic beaches and green spaces, but also part of the park community.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Palmeira & Adelaide gardens. Volunteers are essential members of our green space community and are critical to the park's success and our programs.

For any questions about volunteering at Palmeria & Adelaide, please email the Volunteer Department.



Join our dedicated army of volunteers who keep Palmeira and Adelaide happy, healthy and beautiful. Green Team is a weekly volunteer group that provides essential horticultural care to the park. Weekly projects may include planting, mulching, or removing invasive plants. Families are welcome to join us. 

The Green Team generally meet on the first Sunday of every month, 10 AM - 1 PM in Palmeira Square; however, dates are subject to change, so please check our Facebook pages and Next Door Palmeira for information. All equipment and gloves are provided.

Goodgym also joins us on some weekday evenings, which are publicised on our Facebook pages and Next Door Palmeira.

Other groups are welcome to join us.

2021 Dates

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9th January 2022

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7th March 2021

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